Friday, May 1, 2015

Cover Girl Lip Lava Review

I was pretty excited to try these. I try a few new lip glosses and lip sticks every month. The colors of these are so beautiful and vibrant. I wanted to love them!

Just to make this short and sweet....they suck. The color stayed on my lips for MAYBE 20 minutes? Possibly 30 minutes. The formula was very thin and just wore off after just taking like one sip of water.

Totally not worth the money in my opinion.

I'm sorry I don't have swatches of them them on my lips, but I'm not willing to show my ugly mug quite yet.

I bought the two middle colors at Walmart for between $6-7.

If you're just wearing them for a photo shoot or something, you could, but don't expect to get ANY wear out of them.

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