Saturday, April 18, 2015

Care Package From Japan...Nail Polish Included!

I was thrilled to receive a care package from my fiance' in Japan today! If you don't already know, my fiance' left for Japan last May because his school visa ran out. His son was born while he has been gone and is now 8 months old. It has been about 11 months since he left. This nail art hobby is helping to keep me sane while he is gone. I was suffering from depression and post-partum depression, so it's a good way to stay creative and positive.

We use skype to keep in contact every day, but GOD do I want to wrap my arms around him! Maybe I am learning about patience!

It was so much fun unpacking everything. He sent things for my daughter, for the baby and cute stuff for me including a beautiful heart necklace and this package of nail stuff.

So here's what's inside...

A pastel blue mini set, with aurora borealis glitter polish (If you know swarovski, you know aurora borealis finish)

This "teddy nail cocktail" smoky mini set. Totally stoked. I don't own any colors like these! (obviously not talking about the gold glitter)

These beautiful nail decals. Can't wait to try them!

Gold decals and faux stone decals...

This gorgeous "Twinkle Magic" glitter polish...pastel stars, hearts, bows...OH MY!

This glitter polish with pink, orange/red and holographic glitter pieces of various shapes and sizes (including moons!)

Then there is this one, which is very similar to the Hard Candy polish that I own called "black tie optional." This one is different because it has more white pieces and added fine, silver glitter. 

The final item is a lemon scented polish remover.

I have been absolutely spoiled! 

If I didn't have such a cute manicure right now, I would be swatching the heck out of these!

Anywho, I'm all happy and stuff.

I'm off to go jump up and down for a while. :)

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