Sunday, January 4, 2015

31 Day Challenge, Day 4 "Happiness" ...Is the Night Sky

I managed to get this done while the baby was playing with his toys. Damn I'm getting fast! It's also my second blog post today!

Today's prompt was "Happiness", and one thing that makes me really happy is watching the moon and twinkling stars. I'm looking forward to my love coming back so I can watch them with him.

I didn't mean to add so much glitter to this design. I wanted to add it to the moon after I painted it on, but found out the base coat was still tacky and the glitter stuck to it. Ha! Oh well, the more twinkles the better.

So everything is glittery over here right now.

It's a bit of a rushed manicure, taking about 20 minutes to complete (not including top coat drying time). maybe in the future I can do those super fancy, time consuming, perfectionist manicures, but for now...this is what you get.

Ta-ta for now...

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