Tuesday, April 28, 2015

Colorful Water Marble Manicure and New Video Tutorial on YouTube!

Last night I did a really fun and colorful water marble design with some great polishes. I also made another video tutorial for my new YouTube channel (Click the link!)! My videos aren't great or anything, but it's just a start and I love doing it.

I love how fun and cheery this manicure is, and of course I plan on doing many more water marble manicures in the future.

I was going to add rhinestones or gold studs to it to dress it up a bit, but decided to take some pictures of just the result of the technique.

This kinda makes me want to go to a music festival...

I used Sally Hansen Hard as Nails Xtreme Wear polish to do this. The colors spread really well on the water.

The colors I used are:

Fuscha Power
Tan Lime
Mellow Yellow
Pucker Up
Sun Kissed
Blue Me Away

If you like water marbling, you might want to check out this kind of polish. They were about $2.50 per bottle at Walmart.

Silver Glitter Manicure with Holographic Stars

I did this mani a while back, but never wrote up a blog entry on it. I had to cut off my nails because they were in rough shape, so I decided to make them super sparkly to take my mind off of losing my long nails.

This was inspired by a manicure that I found that used various kinds of silver glitter.
I don't know who did this manicure, so if it's yours just let me know and I can give you credit (and a link back) for your work. :)

I didn't have all of those funky silver glitters, so I just used what I had on hand and came up with this...

I used the silver glitter two ways; The first way that I used it was just by dipping my finger into the glitter (in a bottle cap), with wet silver polish on my nails, and I let it dry just how it landed on my nail. I did this on my index and pinkie finger.

The second way I used it was just the same as the first, but I used my fan brush to flatten the glitter, by gently tapping it down to make the flat surface of the glitter parallel to my nail. That made the nice flat look even more shiny than the randomly placed glitter.

I topped everything off with a coat of Seche Vite top coat.

Here's some of the pretty supplies I used. The silver loose glitter is just something I picked up in a pack of craft glitter from Walmart. The stars came from a set that I got at the Dollar Tree. I bought a set of 15 nail art brushes from ebay, which included two fan brushes.

I used Sally Hansen Hard as Nails "Celeb City" as a base color. One of my favorite colors.

So that's it for this one! I just wanted to add this to my collection here on my blog.

I hope you enjoy the sparkles today...

Sunday, April 26, 2015

He Picks My Polish- April 2015 "Mint Chocolate Chip" Manicure

I have to admit that I was pretty scared of how this would turn out, just like the rest of the participants. It's certainly NOT one of my favorite manicures! ...but it was a fun challenge. My fiance' sent me a nice package of nail art stuff from Japan. You can see the post about that HERE. :)

Some of the things in the package were picked by him, and some by his mother. I had to ask him to make sure I was using the products he picked out. He did pretty good for a guy!

I had to use pastel blue, a strange pastel green, an opalescent fine glitter polish and a black and white confetti polish. He also sent a pack of decals, so to be fair I also incorporated one of the types of decals in that pack.

~ Base color is pastel green.

~ I added the black and white confetti to my ring and index fingers, being careful to distribute the confetti as evenly as my patience could stand!

~ I added the opalescent glitter to thumb, middle and pinky fingers.

~ I added a pretty rhinestone on each middle finger (that reminds me of beautiful chalcedony stones!)

~ I used a dotting tools to make three pastel blue dots on thumb and pinky finger, four dots on each middle finger.

~ I took one single piece of black confetti glitter and applied them on top of each pastel blue dot.

~ I topped it all off with Seche Vite top coat.

This was a totally weird manicure, and honestly I only wore it for four hours!

I went shopping, got some compliments on it, and then ended up going home with 14 NEW BOTTLES OF POLISH (Wooo-hoooo!)

Check out my nail polish haul HERE!

I took this mani off to do swatches of my new polish for my new YouTube channel! Which is bringing me great happiness, even if it sucks. ;)

Wednesday, April 22, 2015

Getting Hooked Up on Bloglovin...

No clue if this the right way to do this, but here goes!
Just for fun I added a freaky picture of me with light up, plush snowballs stuffed in my bra. Follow my blog with Bloglovin

Pastel Leopard Print Nails

I did this mani for the 52 week Challenge. You can find the link to that in the sidebar ---> The themes this week are "negative space" and "three pastels." I already completed the negative space mani, and since I just got a a mini set that contains a pastel blue, I decided to use that as a base.

I actually made my very first nail art video tutorial for this manicure, but I am trying to figure out how to splice two videos together to finish it so it can be published on YouTube. I am clueless! I have some research to do...

I think one turned out pretty good. It could have been more perfect, but it's hard to do your nails while recording! Such a weird angle to work at.

Leopard print is always fun to do. With this one I used two pastels colors to make the spots, Pure Ice "Love" and "Lacquered Lilacs." I combined the two colors for the middle spots. It was just a weird experiment, but it turned out pretty neat.

I topped it off with my Seche Vite fast drying top coat, and that was it. 

Today I will be working on the "He Picks My Polish" challenge! You can find a link to that in the sidebar as well!

Ta-ta for now...

Saturday, April 18, 2015

Care Package From Japan...Nail Polish Included!

I was thrilled to receive a care package from my fiance' in Japan today! If you don't already know, my fiance' left for Japan last May because his school visa ran out. His son was born while he has been gone and is now 8 months old. It has been about 11 months since he left. This nail art hobby is helping to keep me sane while he is gone. I was suffering from depression and post-partum depression, so it's a good way to stay creative and positive.

We use skype to keep in contact every day, but GOD do I want to wrap my arms around him! Maybe I am learning about patience!

It was so much fun unpacking everything. He sent things for my daughter, for the baby and cute stuff for me including a beautiful heart necklace and this package of nail stuff.

So here's what's inside...

A pastel blue mini set, with aurora borealis glitter polish (If you know swarovski, you know aurora borealis finish)

This "teddy nail cocktail" smoky mini set. Totally stoked. I don't own any colors like these! (obviously not talking about the gold glitter)

These beautiful nail decals. Can't wait to try them!

Gold decals and faux stone decals...

This gorgeous "Twinkle Magic" glitter polish...pastel stars, hearts, bows...OH MY!

This glitter polish with pink, orange/red and holographic glitter pieces of various shapes and sizes (including moons!)

Then there is this one, which is very similar to the Hard Candy polish that I own called "black tie optional." This one is different because it has more white pieces and added fine, silver glitter. 

The final item is a lemon scented polish remover.

I have been absolutely spoiled! 

If I didn't have such a cute manicure right now, I would be swatching the heck out of these!

Anywho, I'm all happy and stuff.

I'm off to go jump up and down for a while. :)

Friday, April 17, 2015

Creepy Fake Finger and Acrylic Nails

I finally picked up one of those fake fingers to practice on because I want to give myself the opportunity to do freehand painting on a bigger canvas. So far I'm loving it! I've only tried this swatch of "Free Spirit" and "Look Like Rain" by Pure Ice, but I look forward to many new experiments.

I haven't applied a top coat yet, since I am considering adding large, clear rhinestones.

The base color, "Free Spirit", has a slight shimmer. I applied three coats. The small bits of glitter in "Looks Like Rain" are definitely very spring/leaf green. I carefully spaced out the large silver glitter pieces.

I'm pretty excited to see what kids of new things I can learn with my new equipment!

Here's this swatch with a top cat. Shiny and smooth...and beautiful.

Wednesday, April 15, 2015

Abstract Art Negative Space Manicure.

I just wanted to try something I had never done before. I have done negative space nail art, but never abstract nail art. I didn't want anything fussy. I used my acrylic paints and dry brushed on simple sweeps of color.

The only thing that really sucks is that I got busy, and the paint started to dry before I got back to painting. I could have poured out fresh paint, but between keeping the baby happy and myself fed, I was just like "Whatever!"

So here's the result.

I paint petroleum jelly around my nails with a wide, flat brush to protect my skin from stray paint. It wipes off easily with a paper towel or baby wipe.

I used a fan brush that came with my nail art brush set from ebay. (I heart ebay!)

The acrylic paints are just basic craft paints from Walmart.

I don't buy expensive products to work with. I have other ways to spend my money! My goal is create awesome nail art on a tight budget.

Well, that's it for now! I hope you enjoy my negative space nail art. It's weird, but I was sick of seeing the same old designs over and over...

Tuesday, April 14, 2015

Shimmery Needle Drag Manicure with Revlon Colors

This was a new technique to me, and it turned out to be really fun! The first two attempts, I used lacquer that dried too quickly and got sticky and stringy. I was using Pure Ice "Dollface" and "Love." Not good options for this technique.

I was determined and started over with two Revlon colors, "Ocean" and Extravagant." Two new additions to my collection. Lovely colors and great formulas.

I started with a clear base coat, then a coat of "Extravagant."

Once my base color was dry, I used a thick coat of Extravagant" on one half of my nail, and a thick coat of "Ocean" on the other half. I then dragged a needle across the two colors, alternating side to side. I repeated this on every finger.

I then topped it off with a coat of Seche Vite.


There's so many designs you can do with needle pulling, and I plan on trying a few more.
I hope you enjoy this fun mani!

Sunday, April 12, 2015

Forever 21 Rainbow Glitter Polish

Just a quick post about a new glitter polish I picked up from Forever 21. I love rummaging through their colors, and I always pick up one or more because you can't beat trying something new at only $2.90!
My fingers were already painted so I tried this polish on my big toes, and on top of a coat of Revlon's Transforming Effects "Gold Glaze." My toes are super sparkly and fun.


This big chunky rainbow glitter is an awesome addition to my collection! No Regrets.