Sunday, April 26, 2015

He Picks My Polish- April 2015 "Mint Chocolate Chip" Manicure

I have to admit that I was pretty scared of how this would turn out, just like the rest of the participants. It's certainly NOT one of my favorite manicures! ...but it was a fun challenge. My fiance' sent me a nice package of nail art stuff from Japan. You can see the post about that HERE. :)

Some of the things in the package were picked by him, and some by his mother. I had to ask him to make sure I was using the products he picked out. He did pretty good for a guy!

I had to use pastel blue, a strange pastel green, an opalescent fine glitter polish and a black and white confetti polish. He also sent a pack of decals, so to be fair I also incorporated one of the types of decals in that pack.

~ Base color is pastel green.

~ I added the black and white confetti to my ring and index fingers, being careful to distribute the confetti as evenly as my patience could stand!

~ I added the opalescent glitter to thumb, middle and pinky fingers.

~ I added a pretty rhinestone on each middle finger (that reminds me of beautiful chalcedony stones!)

~ I used a dotting tools to make three pastel blue dots on thumb and pinky finger, four dots on each middle finger.

~ I took one single piece of black confetti glitter and applied them on top of each pastel blue dot.

~ I topped it all off with Seche Vite top coat.

This was a totally weird manicure, and honestly I only wore it for four hours!

I went shopping, got some compliments on it, and then ended up going home with 14 NEW BOTTLES OF POLISH (Wooo-hoooo!)

Check out my nail polish haul HERE!

I took this mani off to do swatches of my new polish for my new YouTube channel! Which is bringing me great happiness, even if it sucks. ;)

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