Monday, March 23, 2015

Spring Purple Swatches

Just a simple post with a couple swatches, side by side.

The darker color is "Enchanting" by Revlon, about $5 at Walmart.

The lighter color is "Lacey Lilacs" by Sally Hansen Xtreme Wear, about $2.50 at Walmart.

I have to be honest, I wouldn't recommend the Sally Hansen Xtreme Wear. At least not this color. The formula was sticky and thick and GLOOPY!. Ewww. It took forever to do dry, and when you accidentily bump it, it strings off like spider webs. 

The Revlon color was great to work with. It's also a beautiful spring shade. I love it. I definitely recommend it. 

The top coat that I am using now is Seche Vite. It works really well. Fast dry time, great shine. 

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