Friday, April 17, 2015

Creepy Fake Finger and Acrylic Nails

I finally picked up one of those fake fingers to practice on because I want to give myself the opportunity to do freehand painting on a bigger canvas. So far I'm loving it! I've only tried this swatch of "Free Spirit" and "Look Like Rain" by Pure Ice, but I look forward to many new experiments.

I haven't applied a top coat yet, since I am considering adding large, clear rhinestones.

The base color, "Free Spirit", has a slight shimmer. I applied three coats. The small bits of glitter in "Looks Like Rain" are definitely very spring/leaf green. I carefully spaced out the large silver glitter pieces.

I'm pretty excited to see what kids of new things I can learn with my new equipment!

Here's this swatch with a top cat. Shiny and smooth...and beautiful.

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