Monday, January 12, 2015

Pink and Aqua Manicure

I must admit that I love how this turned out. It's so very feminine. I am calling it my "Barbie Manicure." It took me all day to do this, due to the fact that I have a five month old who loves to be snuggled.

I started out with one coat of pink, but quickly realized it would take many coats to get full coverage. So I quickly slapped on one really thick coat of the pink, and topped it off with another thick coat. It was a difficult polish to work with.

The colors I used are: Wet n Wild Wildshine "Tickled Pink" and Sally Hansen Hard as Nails "Celeb City."

I was trying to come up with something creative to do with the "pink and aqua" prompt, even trying swatches of several aqua polishes on paper. I wanted to do aqua roses with delicate green foliage in a pretty floral pattern on one nail, the rest accented with my new silver glitter polish. Or perhaps, aqua candy cane stripes with silver glitter accents.

Nope. "Ain't nobody got time for that." At least not me, anyway.

At 9pm this Mama was tired, and sick of trying to make the decision. So I grabbed my favorite silver polish and the dotting tools. I made one silver dot close to the base of each nail (with the intention to make more dots), but quickly realized that it was a crappy choice to do dotting with! The dots came out uneven. No biggy, I'm a sucker for rhinestones and I happened to have some little aqua rhinestones on hand. I plopped them in the dots before they dried and covered everything with a thick layer of fast drying top coat.

I've found that sometimes the most simple manicures give the biggest impact. When you focus more on the color, or a simple accent, that's what makes it really stand out.

Oh, and of course I have to mention my new, totally amazing engagement ring. Squeeeeee! How could I forget!

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