Friday, January 30, 2015

Lovely Lilac and Gold Tattoo Manicure

Ok, so this was a weird experiment, but I had to try it. I wasn't planning on adding the gold glitter polish tips, but when I applied top coat to the gold tattoo on my fingernail it made the color from the tattoo bleed! I was just dying to try out the metallic tattoos somehow.

I heard about other top coats that don't smudge like the Sally Hansen Insta-Dri that I'm using. I will have to check them out.

Ugh, and my glitter tips are so sloppy, but the baby was awake and I had ZERO time to think. I can touch up the tips later.

I got the metallic tattoos from Walmart in the jewelry department. I would wear them on my body, but it's not like I ever go anywhere! Maybe I'll save some for spring and summer.

Here's the colors I used. They are "Lacquered Lilacs" and "Studette" by Pure Ice. I love both of these polishes, but I especially love the lilac color. It's great after two coats and a nice shiny top coat. It really doesn't NEED any nail art at all.

So that's my crazy experiment. I learned a lesson or two, and will try again another time, Now I need to go touch up my tips...

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